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      Logicearth insight from LT19UK

      by Eoin McDonnell

      Learning and development strategies

      The Logicearth team attended the annual Learning Technologies 2019 (LT19UK) exhibition taking place on 13th and 14th February 2019 at the ExCel in London. This event is Europe's leading showcase of the strategies and technologies used to support corporate learning.

      Insights from LT19UK

      Attracting over 8,500 visitors, with over 200 free L&D seminars, and 200+ exhibitors, the exhibition hall was packed with innovative ideas and best practice sharing from the industry's L&D leaders.

      Here the Logicearth team share their thoughts on the event this year and what insights they picked up:

      AvatarPeter Carlin, Director.

      "Learning Technologies felt different this year; a new venue, some new entrants and a new presence from Logicearth. I was very proud of the team, our stand and the amount of hard preparation work shone through. We put our best foot forward and we looked and felt like a more strategic provider than our competitors and peers. I think the conversations reflected and reinforced our new strategy – products and services that actually make a difference and that solve specific problems for the L&D community. We are on a quest to support that community to become better service providers, we are off to a great start."

      Paul McKayPaul McKay, Director.

      "Logicearth excelled at London ExCel, in a sea of vendors selling products I believe clients were pleasantly surprised to come across a service provider who could help them address specific problems. The launch of our new products Verify and Scale appeared to be particularly well received. Verify’s comprehensive analytics engine provides the data to design learning which is more meaningful to the learner and organisation. We look forward to continuing the conversations in the coming weeks."

      Read Paul's blog about what he predicted the hot topics to be at #LT19UK. 

      patrickPatrick Howard, Business Development

      "Having been a regular visitor to LTUK, this year it was great to have the entire event under one roof. I feel it makes a big improvement. The overall mood of the event was very positive, and I was struck by the number of people that rather than try to get away from a conversation, were genuinely interested in the product set we offered – we had something for everybody and that made the conversations easier. My most positive discussions were around the learningCloud LXP – some people were blown away and genuinely excited to see content being offered in such a unique way." 

      EoinEoin McDonnell, Head of Learning Innovation.

      "This year at Learning Technologies, I was heartened to see learning science and real business analytics appearing in most conversations. There was a move a move away from the latest gimmick and technological fad and a move toward a mature dialogue about how L&D can effect real change in individual learning and business outcome." 

      Click to read Eoin's blog based on his seminar from LT19UK about how learning and development can innovate.

      helen-819x1024Helen Cassidy, Head of Operations.

      "I noticed a theme at Learning Technologies this year – in the seminars, the straplines, in the conversations with other exhibitors and in the conversations with visitors – on how L&D knows it has to change. There’s no need to call for a digital revolution, the revolt has happened. There was a lot of chat about how L&D stays relevant and how L&D can demonstrate real value within an organisation."

      DavidC-819x1024David Cameron, Learning Experience Designer.

      "I was struck by two types of provider whose wares were on show: the big successes, with their conspicuous stands and meaningless freebies, and the hungry startups (though there were fewer of these, as it isn’t cheap to participate). I was impressed by one young company whose technology solution was streets behind what we use at Logicearth, but whose enthusiasm and intellectual curiosity made me think that they will get there. There is a balance that companies within the industry must strive for, and which I think fairly describes where Logicearth is at now: being successful enough to be able to invest without becoming self-satisfied and risk-averse."

      susan-819x1024Susan Dumas, Head of Learning Consultancy.

      "For me Learning Technologies is like one big group therapy session for L&D professionals! It’s so good to meet likeminded people, discuss our challenges and goals, plans for the future and voice our excitement about new technologies. On reflection after the many conversations that I had this year, I am confident that we at Logicearth are doing the right thing: We are looking forward, constantly exploring new ideas, technologies and solutions, evaluating the practical and the fanciful, all with a firm solution focused grasp on the reality of helping L&D functions perform better."

      Read Susan's article about the LMS on page 12 of the Learning Technologies e-magazine here.

      kate-1-819x1024Kate Middleton, Learning Experience Designer.

      "My takeaway from LTUK19 is that everyone is keen to see ‘what’s new’! That’s what people were most looking for and it was exciting to be able to show off things that nobody else was – Verify and the beautiful design of our new compliance set. I had some great conversations about the changing nature of online training too and how it isn’t enough to deliver training anymore when there is no way to demonstrate it has been understood properly."

      Read Paul's blog about what he predicted the hot topics to be at #LT19UK. 

      chris-819x1024Chris Martin, Head of Marketing.

      "As a marketer I was intrigued to see how other vendors had positioned their company for LTUK. A major industry event like this can really help focus the collective mind on new products and messaging. We launched two new products; Verify and Scale... and it was fascinating to see just how many people connected with our understanding of their challenges and our messaging around the solution."

      chris-s-819x1024-819x1024Christopher Spence, Digital Designer.

      "This year at Learning Technologies was my first experience of the event. As a designer I was excited to see what the event had to offer. I was overwhelmed by the number of exhibitors and sheer number of guests. I had the opportunity to view a number of seminars ranging from design subjects to LMS subjects, each one of these inspired my thinking and gave me a wider knowledge of how others in the industry think." 

      Anna1200x1500-819x1024Anna Dillion, Learning Experience Designer.

      "It’s a great reflection on Logicearth and LT19uk that I left the event even more enthusiastic about the industry than when I arrived! All in all, the event was a fantastic opportunity to experience the size of, and the variety in, the digital learning industry. It felt like we really stood out, with our unique offering of solid, solution-focussed products and services. Our distinctive, sophisticated new branding helped enormously to showcase this. Experiencing attendees’ positive reaction to us was very rewarding and motivating. It was clear that we understand their challenges and can achieve real results for them. In my conversations, Verify – our adaptive microlearning product – piqued many people’s interest. The changing role of L&D was a clear theme across many of the exhibitors and free seminars; I particularly enjoyed Andy Lancaster’s engaging talk on this topic, complete with audience participation (Mexican wave!) and vibrant delivery. It captured the best of the event, and cornerstones of Logicearth – expertise, energy, passion and fresh forward thinking!"


      For an informal chat and about our services, including the two new products Verify and Scale that we launched at Learning Technologies 2019, please do not hesitate to get in touch:


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