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Modern webified learning Apps: Anders Pink, a perfect example

by Peter Carlin - July 22, 2016

This blog is about how to provide better L&D services built around modern learning technologies. The team here at Logicearth Learning Services are obsessed with speeding up the future development of transformational technologies for workplace learning. We are embracing the digital learning revolution and we are actively building the future of learning with you in mind. 


What is the future of learning?

Our view is that we need to provide consumable services, ones that match the best web experiences, ones that make an impact on our learning strategy (at a low cost) and ones that our learners are self-motivated to use. Our vision is an app store for learning and with modern software techniques, we should be able to integrate diverse services into our learning ecosystems rapidly.

This way of thinking is becoming a reality with developments in standards and software practices such as; eXperience api (xApi / TinCan), Learning Tools Interoperability and open api architecture. 

Anders Pink smart curation tool

To demonstrate a great example of a very modern learning app that helps to expand our learning toolkit, we have been very fortunate to be part of the beta testing for a new product called AndersPink.

AndersPink is a very smart & social content curation tool that enables any user to create a topic or in their terminology “a briefing”. A briefing can be on any topic at all and at a very minimum, the user can type in a relevant title and hit publish and the briefing will be created. The user will almost immediately see a list of relevant articles displayed in a user-friendly list. The briefing updates with new content every few hours. It really is that simple.

The tool is however much more clever and we can start defining more explicit parameters to influence the search pattern. These parameters are intuitive to configure and include:

  1. Keywords: words to include and exclude in the search pattern, for instance I may be interested in “corporate training” but need to exclude “gym” (you see what I mean)
  2. Add Influencers: to help the search pattern you can include your favourite twitter influencers to make sure that we see their content in our results. Eg. @stephentwalsh
  3. Add Domains: again we can be specific with the web sites that should be included in our search pattern.
  4. Add RSS feeds: as above, an ability to include our favourite RSS feeds to enhance our results
  5. Add Blocked Domains: a function that enables us to black list web sites that should not be included in our search results

Furthermore the tool allows us to ask for all results or just those relevant to key words when specifying parameters for influencers, domains and rss feeds. The wizardry of the search engine is very surprising and impressive and is built upon the successful Buzzsumo content marketing tool.

Now that we have spent a little time to make our briefing as relevant as it can be, we can start to invite our colleagues or team members to participate in the results. The briefing provides a central hub and the main power / benefits of the tool can be realised.




For each article, we have 5 available actions; up vote, pin to a board, flag as must read, share and comment. Each of these actions in their own way enables the team members to share, collaborate and contribute to the wider discussion.

Great user experience

From logging in the user is presented with a dashboard; a summary of top content and discussions across all briefings. The user can also choose to select a specific briefing to concentrate on, in the picture above my briefing is “Cloud Computing”. 

The AndersPink tool for me has many benefits. In no particular order: 

  • It is a great example of a webified App that has a dual purpose use in our corporate learning toolkit.
  • Individuals can of their own accord develop their own briefings and share with teams without L&D being involved.
  • If L&D provided this tool, it would change how they are seen in the business. L&D could creating briefings that can be interwoven into specific learning plans, again showing L&D to be a modern service provider. 
  • The tool drastically reduces the number of apps and places that I have to visit to consume content. This saves time and energy and I can be more specific.
  • When I am looking at a briefing, I feel very assured that the content is clever and personalised as I have taken my time to adjust the parameters. I am not 100% sure if the up vote button adds weight to the algorithm. This would be a nice feature if it did.
  • Motivating people to collaborate socially on topics in the context of the work place is never easy. Most social learning tools are very clunky, but AndersPink has a more natural feel and it does not have to be seen as a company initiative. It can be quite organic in nature.
  • Creating briefings that are personal to me is a very nice feature. For example - I am interested in cycling, world news, politics and many more topics. I don’t need to share much of this with my friends, I just like consuming this information at my leisure.


I could write much more about the tool and I am sure I have not mentioned many of its features. I would summarise by saying that AndersPink have built a great, usable, impactful tool that as standalone has many benefits to individuals and teams.

From a corporate learning perspective, we should be rapidly integrating these types of tools into our 
learning ecosystems as consumable services that our learners might want to use.

As opposed to being told to use them!

The future is bright - come join us 

The future for learning technologies is bright but it needs to step up many levels, very quickly. We would love to hear your thoughts on this topic - we'd happy to give you a demo and show you how you can integrate briefings into training and eLearning programmes. 

Or if you would like to know how you can be more successful in your role and make a bigger impact in your organisation - read our corporate guide to digital learning.  




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101 ideas to supercharge digital learning

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