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      New learningCloud features for learning in the flow of work

      by Eoin McDonnell

      Learning platforms

      learningCloud is our next-generation Learning Management System. With our latest feature releases, we see a leap from LMS to LXP

      A Learning Experience Platform (LXP) focusses on the learner and aiding their performance, rather than the focus of the traditional LMS on the reporting needs of the administrator. Content is succinct, easy to digest and delivered at any time to any device. No pop-ups, no plugins, no fuss - it looks and feels like the modern web. Learning accessed in the flow of their work.

      In 2019, we have seen new endorsements for the LXP.

      In Don Taylor’s L&D Global Sentiment Survey, Learning Experience Platforms are a new entry near the top of the predicted trends.

      Deloitte’s 2019 Global Human Capital Trends report describe the LXP as “the latest and possibly most pervasive trend in the area of learning technology... a much-needed evolution from today’s traditional learning management systems (LMSs)... the LXP becomes not just a tool for how people learn at work, but a solution for how people learn in life”.

      Logicearth’s Learning Experience Platform is learningCloud. You can read more about learningCloud here.

      learningCloud new features this year

      learningCloud’s new feature range support workflow learning. Instant communication with colleagues who face the same learning challenges, manager tools to share relevant knowledge with their teams and powerful analytics to enable L&D teams to respond to a changing environment.

      Gather learning communities around specific topics or user groups by using Channels. Content is shared with these groups inside learning content, managers curate resources in Playlists and build active communities with inline comments and shared Instant Messenger.

      Instant Messenger

      The Instant Messenger is a great way to connect learners with learning managers, team leaders and subject-matter experts. Managers can chat on one-to-one or one-to-many with their teams.

      Users can converse on one-to-one or one-to-many -  a perfect tool for deeper engagement with learners in active social  learning communities.



      Use learningCloud to harness the internal subject matter expertise of your organisation and make real learning communities. Relevant and current content discovered during the flow of work, is quickly distributed to your learning community using Playlists.


      Data Dashboards

      learningCloud’s integration with PowerBi gives data-driven insights that map learning results to business goals. Managers can monitor learner engagement and performance in real-time and respond to the learning needs of their teams as they happen to make an instant, positive impact.


      Agility in learning

      Learning in 2019 will be about agility. The agility of the self-directed learner to understand their own needs and proactively seek out support. The agility of the organisation to respond quickly to these emerging needs. Agile learning and development professionals who can deliver the learning opportunities their organisation needs.

       You can request a learningCloud demo here:

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