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      Learning Journey or learning path?

      by Helen Cassidy

      online learning , behaviourial science , learning pathway , learning journey

      ​What’s the difference between a learning path and a learning journey?​ We’ve found sometimes that these terms are used interchangeably, but when we hear our clients talking about them, it’s always worth delving deeper.​

      Here’s what we’re thinking… but feel free to let us know your thoughts! We love a good learning argument.


      A path can be defined at the outset, and has a clear start and finish.​

      learning path


      Journey is as much about how you get there​. Journey might have options and choices​. Everyone’s journey is different, but all going in the same direction (e.g. a required behaviour change).

      learning journey

      At the end of a journey you can look back and draw a learning path, a path that might not have been obvious at the start.​
      Next month, we’ll revisit these ideas and perhaps revisit our infographic! 

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