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      The future of learning is here - Percipio

      by Susan Dumas

      Learning platforms

      Digital learning offers many different ways to train and support staff.  From virtual classroom training and collaborative learning events to e learning content libraries, or blended learning solutions that include a little of everything, the options for web based training (wbt) and supporting staff have increased over the last number of years.

      Modern off the shelf elearning

      There are many new ways to learn which could have a bigger and more positive impact on professional development than traditional classroom training.  Particularly off the shelf elearning courses can do this by increasing learning retention and providing instant access to engaging content. Learning experience platforms are changing how learning is delivered and used. Learning and Development teams can now plan for the future learning needs of the organisation more effectively also.

      For this method of training to work - it is essential that the quality of the content is matched by the quality of the platform. Until now this was not available. Thankfully, the future of learning has now arrived.

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      Introducing Percipio

      Percipio is an intelligent learning platform, that provides a 'setup and go' approach to bringing a wealth of engaging digital learning resources.

      The platform has content personalised to the learners specific needs, it is engaging, it is high quality and it is curated by experts on every business topic that you can imagine. For learners it offers an amazing user experience; for the business, it speeds up time-to-competence and for managers, it provides a toolkit to support teams and have inspiring conversations.




      Percipio is a digital learning platform that engages and inspires staff to learn. It will create new ways of thinking about improving performance and skills for l&d teams.

      Percipio gives learners the ability to search for content or answers using an in-browser search function.  Getting instant access to what is needed without having to log into another system. It is performance support and just-in-time learning made easy!

      Courses covering everything from Introduction to Microsoft Excel to Data Analysis, Leadership Development. Management Training  to Personal Development.

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      From data analyst to data scientist - it takes more than tenure

      The future of learning is about consistently retraining and upskilling staff to ensure companies retain talent and are prepared for the changing landscape. Percipo have introduced Aspire to help L&D keep their tech and DevOps teams ahead of the curve. The Aspire learning journeys are designed to boost tech workforce readiness, performance and ability, and to adapt to future technology.

      This video explains the Aspire learning journey: 


      Drive employee engagement with a winning user experience (UX)

      Using Percipio, learners can make the most of their precious time and create lasting change inside their organisations. Learners are empowered to learn anytime anywhere. Percipio adaptive learning algorithms allows the platform to learn as the learners learn, recommending learn across the organisation.

      This process changes expectations and accountability from “learning in the classroom” to instant application of learning and improved performance “on-the- job”. The result of this focused learning is higher learner motivation, a greater level of engagement, reduced training costs and increased learning transfer.

      Broad spectrum of content

      Percipio content is Multi-modal; made up of course videos, eBooks, audiobooks and book summaries. The content is made to suit different learning styles all one click away in the same user interface. Content is divided into 4 main collections: Business Skills, Management and Leadership, Productivity and Collaboration Skills and  IT Certification. Each collection is broken down into approximately 500 curated channels which consist of 3,700 courses and 21,000 books, 38,000 videos all curated by experts.

      The learner centred design encourages users to browse and discover new learning paths alongside easy access to specific assigned content.




      Administrators can create and assign learning paths and content in line with business needs. They can also design curated channels to address specific learning requirements. Percipio also allows administrators to visually monitor and report on all learning progress. This helps L&D demonstrate how learning drives value in their companies.



      Percipio and self-directed learning

      Being a self-directed learner means that you find a way to overcome the typical challenges and hurdles in your role. You find the resources or help that you need to overcome barriers, or you find a way to go around them. People who perform at a high level are natural self-directed learners.

      The modern worker is hungry for learning, and professional knowledge only has around a 2.5 to 5 year half-life.  But, the average company only allows around 1% of time for on-the-job learning. We now know that up to 70% of staff use search engines to find what they need to do their jobs on a daily basis. Some of the search time is wasted on not being able to find the things that they need.

      Percipio is packed full of useful content. The platform not only offers a choice in how you interact with it, it also provides expert resources for every job role and competence that your business needs. 500+ and growing pre-curated content channels, mapped by experts and aligned to the competencies that the best global organisations value.

      Read more about Self Directed Learning here.

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      More than just video based microlearning

      Watch-read-listen is a core feature of Percipio. Learners can watch short videos, read online books or listen to the vast array of audio books on the topic of their choice. From business topics to personal development through to technical certifications, Percipio is the largest interactive digital library of its kind in the world. In fact, it is the only interactive digital learning content library of this kind!

      Practice labs, access to virtual mentors, certification preparation guides and templates to bring into the workplace reinforce and enhance the learning.  

      A game changer for workplace learning

      If self-directed learning is something you are interested in for your staff, we'd love to have a conversation with you. Percipio is a leader in the new wave of learning experience platforms. It brings together a depth and breadth of content and elevates it with a fantastic user experience. At last, your staff have eLearning worth talking about.


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