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      #LT19UK – and this year’s hot topics will be…

      by Paul McKay

      Leadership and management

      Exploring a world of forward-thinking 

      Paul, Director at Logicearth, talks about what he’s most looking forward to at #LT19UK and shares his predicted hot topics...

      It’s all Learning Technologies in Logicearth at the moment we’re excited to be increasing our presence this year with a bigger stand, new website and new branding!

      Attending Learning Technologies 2019? 
      Look out for the talk by Eoin McDonnell, our Head of Learning Innovation at Logicearth, in Theatre 10 at 12.30pm on Wednesday 13 February.
      The topic of Eoin's talk is 'It's time to let go of control: practical steps to becoming a high impact L&D service provider'

      Hot topics at LT19UK

      The event this year is in the ExCel London, a new venue for the ever-expanding Learning Technologies. I’ve never been to this venue, but I’ve only heard great things! There’ll be over 200 exhibitors offering a range of services, including LMS platforms, LXP, spaced practice solutions, microlearning, content development and off-the-shelf content, and we may even find classroom training.

      We have the new venue, but what substance can we expect? The two hot themes this year, I believe, will be learning experience platforms and data-driven learning design.

      Learning experience platforms (LXPs) have been around for a while now and in many cases are integrated into a traditional LMS to improve the user experience, but they are so much more! An LXP should be a gateway to bringing many technologies together and should provide a learner with the tools to curate, aggregate and track content from many sources.

      Data-driven learning design is the hot topic this year; it’s no longer good enough to say a learner has passed a course by visiting all pages and answering 8 out of 10 questions correctly. SCORM delivered what was necessary at the time to tick the box, but what does it really tell us? Does the learner really engage with the content? Do they know the topic? Do they retain the knowledge?

      Technology now allows us to track content usage at a whole new level. Data-driven learning design will exploit this information to create and deliver content the learner wants, in the format they prefer and at a time they want to review it – just like marketing will do with this blog!

      The above will all be delivered through technology, learning experience designers and digital designers; we can take that as a given.

      We believe the theme should be about helping and inspiring L&D professionals to change their role forever. Let’s talk about devolution, enablement and success; about creating services that teams, managers or staff can choose to consume – services that answer what the business needs to perform.

      Can we answer L&D’s “How do I…?” questions?

      • Scale training programmes where eLearning can’t provide the solution
      • Develop learning resources and assets quickly and efficiently
      • Enable subject matter experts to create their own learning programmes without my help
      • Reduce classroom training and provide managers with a toolkit to cover all generic training requirements
      • Show meaningful results from my compliance training

      Find out more about Logicearth's learning solutions here.

      We look forward to seeing everyone on 13 and 14 February at Stand L15. Our talented team can answer some – or all – of the questions above!

      Want to contact us before the conference? Click the button below or follow our Twitter feed:


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