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eLearning and the LMS just isn’t enough anymore

by Susan Dumas - June 25, 2018

The LMS has evolved over the years, but many organisations are either unhappy with their initial choice, or down the line, find it isn't flexible enough for them to scale as the organisation grows or changes. This blog explains what you should be demanding from your LMS providers to better support your business. 

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We need more from the modern LMS

Just a slight warning about this post – it contains a little bit of a rant!

I’ve spent the last few weeks talking to a few potential new clients and friends who either work in HR or L&D. They work in medium to large organisations, which are going through periods of change - either growth spurts or internal reorganisations. Some are just getting started with what they call eLearning and others are much further into their ‘eLearning implementations’.

What is my rant? None of the people I spoke to are happy with their progress! For those just getting started, the options are overwhelming and they are not clear on the path they should take. For those somewhat down the line, they feel that eLearning has over promised and under delivered.

Some eLearning providers are not giving the right support

What is interesting to me is the language these organisations are using. They talk about eLearning in the same vein as they do classroom learning. It is as if they just used eLearning to reduce the costs of travel and attendance for classroom courses. Had this been 1996, I’d understand – but it isn’t - it is 2018!

If you hangout on social media as often as I do, you’ll be rolling your eyes along with me. Most of the L&D and eLearning gurus have been talking about ‘beyond eLearning’ and the ‘L&D crisis’ for some time. And although some change is happening in a few organisations, it is not widespread enough yet.

Who is advising these organisations?

We need to stop talking about eLearning, especially as just a cost-effective replacement to classroom learning. We can and should be doing so much better now. We need to work with our clients at a strategic level rather than just selling tools or content.

We need to make it easy for our clients to embrace modern learning technology - in all its guises - be that content, tools, automating key L&D processes or supporting informal learning, social learning and communication. And this should be a right for all organisations, not just those with bigger budgets or better access to eLearning gurus. 

The evolution of the LMS

In this diagram, we capture the evolution of the LMS over the past 20 years.  The LMS has gone from a tool that was really difficult to use and not that motivating, to the latest learning experience platforms (LXP) that promise so much. But even LXP are just one tool and in today's workplaces, we need a more flexible range of tools. 

There have been attempts to make the LMS more usable and useful - adding social learning tools and gamification elements, for example - but these additions didn't have much of an impact. For most organisations, social learning - learning from each other, doesn't happen inside an LMS! 


Evolution of the LMS

The Alternative to the LMS - the learning technology ecosystem

So what is the alternative to the LMS? It is an ecosystem, not just a one-off tool or eLearning course. You need a trusted learning technology partner who understands this and is willing to support you on your journey. Better still, ask your learning technology partner to help you with your organisation’s learning strategy. Our alternative to the LMS, combines both content and intelligent learning platform - check out Percipio

Your learning strategy should be focussed on solving your key business challenges such as cost and efficiency savings, staff engagement, staff development, performance improvement and meeting specific business goals that have been set.

Don't miss the opportunity - create a high impact learning culture

We know that organisations who make best use of technology-based learning are more likely to be market leaders. We know that organisations with a high impact learning culture (HILC) out-perform competitors by up to three times revenue.

Technology-based learning isn’t just eLearning content. It is a mind-set approach to looking at a range of technology supports to help your staff learn, perform and communicate throughout your organisation.

What do you need from your LMS?

If you are as motivated as we are to truly make the best use of modern learning technology we'd love to hear from you. We have a team of people who specialise in making the LMS work for you and your organisation. Our scalable LMS - learningCloud and our new intelligent learning platform - Percipio raise the bar in so many ways. From flexibility, scalability and a great user experience - at last you can provide a learning service that will work for your business and your staff will love.

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